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Friday, April 18, 2008


I came upon a site of inspirational value. Life is so much about color, sound and touch. We need to think less and perceive more. In your training, in your driving, in your touching, be aware.

Look at the sky:It's estimated that we do as much as 90% of our daily activities using matrices and patterns than we have adopted in the past, without much thought of reason, feeling or understanding. Putting awareness back into simple things is key to success in a life that moves faster than we do. Whether you want to be a better trainer, father, partner or manager, putting awareness back into simple daily tasks will bring you amazing insight, free you of the pressure of tasks and bring joy back.

My favorite awareness drills:

1. Looking for small detail, for example, checking out the patterns in floor tile and details in shoes.

2. Listening to your own breathing and being aware of the feeling of breath on your lips and in your nose while lifting weights.

3. Smelling minor smells

4. Listening for sounds that are covered up by louder sounds, like birds singing in the city

5. Listening to your heart before falling asleep

My favorite thing today is to look at color. For more color:
Whole site here!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I can do this!

We watched this video with my trainers this morning and while the sit up to stand looked terribly hard, I can do it! It's a great feeling to be fit enough to try and manage! Can you do it?

p.s. Get someone strong to hold on to you ;)