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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Getting my butt kicked in bootcamp class

JP has legendary bootcamps. I do work out, believe me, I do. Those bootcamps make me feel like I have never trained before. Conditioning can really kick your butt.

Today's circuit, as designed by Mike Wessel, who was kind enough not to call me a wimp after all the curses I used to describe how I feel.

I warmed up learning how to do sledgehammer slams, then did 1 minute of each with 30 second break of:

sledgehammer slams
med ball twists
neck twists
single arm chest press
plate pushes
bag punches
assisted pistol squats

By the third circuit I was ready to see my breakfast again. It was a humbling experience. Makes me dream about doing rack pulls tomorrow.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Boris Bojinov

It is a great day of pride and joy to see our very own Boris Bojinov win a gold medal. I was proud of him when he won bronze a few weeks ago, too!
Long jump is hard, I get frustrated every time I watch him compete, especially on failed attempts...I just want to go...damn that plaster thing that he steps on, such a minuscule thing to screw up a long jump like that...and we are talking millimeters here, where the actual jump is like 8 meters and above...but I love the consistency, the perseverance, the character and all the hard work him and Milko have put into this. We all love him, go Boris!

We'll see that guy at the Olympics, mark my words :)

More Boris on POWERWINS

Friday, June 13, 2008

Words of wisdom from Mike Boyle

I was reading a presentation from Mike Boyle and there is a quote I wanted to share, very applicable both to life and training.

"Pain never precedes dysfunction, it follows it"

So think about this today, become aware of dysfunctions and take action to avoid pain.