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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Stretching the Blues Away

The winter blahs. The cold time downs. Whatever you call it, it feels exactly the opposite of how you want to feel.

I don't have the energy for a workout, yet I want to get back in touch with my tired body.

So I pull out the ingredients:

1. A soft chill out mix
2. A few candles
3. A mini resistance band
4. A foam roller
5. A chair

I spend a few minutes focusing on the candle light. Amazing how much it changes. Hopefully by now my mind is not racing. I stretch all the muscles gently, holding for 15 to 20 seconds. I use the mini band to stretch my hamstrings and calves, the peroneals and ITB. The foam roller is a great finisher for all this, and I follow it with some cat camel and sun salutations. 20 minutes of peace and lack of intense light and I am back to normal. My body feels better, nothing is too tight. I feel in control. I should do this every day. With the chance of some quiet time reducing stress levels, that should help fat loss, work performance, and improve sleep quality.

1 comment:

susannejulia said...

awww....that looks SO nice.
I am not sure why I am not taking the time to do something good like that for myself?!
Thanks for the inspiration-I know I need more of that.