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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Comfort Zones

Personal training has a lot to do with comfort zones. I think of them as still frames of (not necessarily) pleasant satisfaction with the world. They are heavily defined by familiarity. Sometimes your comfort zone is a place of comfort only compared to other zones. You can find comfort in misery, self-pity, guilt, sympathy, work, ambition, even mediocrity. A key function of comfort is that it freezes change and doesn't allow one to grow. Personal growth is the truest reflection of inner desires and dreams. Sometimes people drift into comfort zones they don't even consider natural, but familiarity makes them easy to accept over time.

dream-->desire-->breaking-->action-->end result-->feedback-->corrected action

Breaking equals acting. As a personal trainer I deal with action, and I teach people to act on their dreams. Whether it's asking for help, inviting the girl next door out to coffee, changing your job or changing your body, act now. Practice stopping the still frame that life sometime becomes.
Do you have a dream you haven't fulfilled? Do you have a goal you haven't reached? Write down the steps to achieving your dream or getting to your goal and act by breaking the familiarity of today. Dare to challenge, learn, succeed or fail.

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