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Monday, August 20, 2007

A trip with the end in sight

I was traveling on a bus back to Sofia this weekend. The vehicle was meant for 20 passengers, yet somehow held over 40 of which I was one - stuck way back at the end with a wonderful book, smiling neighbors and the determined desire to last the trip which promised to be hot and stuffy. It was more than that, there were swirls of humidity and droplets of heat that danced like crazy around me. I took my hat off, and sank deeper in my book, knowing the end of the trip was near. 3 hours is not a long time, I thought.
Sometimes you have a goal that you can clearly see, yet when you set off to reach it, you find yourself thrown mercilessly out of your comfort zone, way out there. It takes the secure knowledge of a promised happy end for you to stay and persevere. It's crucial then, to be on the right bus.


Jaho said...

Neat. Though it is easier on you now to say this, having gotten so lean in the last 3 days. Just messing with you :)

Anyways I was talking to an acquaintance of mine the other day. When she found out I was working as a trainer, she asked me how to lose weight.

I told her a crucial step is to stay calm even though she might be depressed by how she looked right now.

It's a journey. If you were traveling from Sofia to Varna, there would be no reason for you to get depressed for not being there yet. Physique goals should be the same way.

Galina Talkington said...

Funny you say that, now that I just bought my ticket to Varna. No kidding.