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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Need energy?

It's a peaceful Sunday morning, here in humid and cool Sofia. We had some rain last night, so both me and my husband got a good night's sleep. I had been very busy this week and hadn't spent much time with him so we decided to have a nice Sunday breakfast and plan a few important events for the week. Breakfast is a sacred meal for me. I need my protein, veggies or fruit and fresh coffee. My husband either skips breakfast or has a protein shake on his way to work.

This morning he looks at me and says: " I haven't had American pancakes in a year" and then smiles like I think children do when they know they will do something naughty and their mom can't prevent it. So I give in and break out a box of pancake mix from the secret stash of I'm-homesick-foods. Funny how my secret stash of American food has a couple of boxes of tea and his is a pantry-full of Jello, lifesavers, pancake mix and mac and cheese.

I start making two breakfasts at the same time:) When they are ready we have two different worlds that share a table! On one side:

My breakfast:

a large flax and oatmeal patty
covered with cream cheese and dried tomatoes
a large cup of coffee
a large cup of water
my wake up supps:
green tea
fish oil

...and then his breakfast

6 large pancakes
heavily smothered with margarine
pine syrup
cherry jam
1 liter of milk

I eyeball it and think man, his must be like 400 grams of carbs right there.

Truth be told, he only eats like that once or twice a year but when he does, it makes a great impression on me.

Half an hour later, at 11 a.m. I sat down to answer my emails and he went back to bed. He said he was feeling a tad tired, don't know why.


tihin said...

his breakfast sounds very very ... oh :]

Bob Devlin said...

Both those breakfasts sound delicious. Although right now I'm opting for yours as I've bulked up over summer (an unwanted bulk).

Nice blog, Galya. Looking forward to reading more.

Gregory said...

Pancakes! Yummmm!