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Sunday, September 9, 2007

No fitness vacation for you, some back in 3 days

Every spring, in May, me and Milko Georgiev take a group of people on a Fitness Vacation. This year, we planned to do another one in September, which didn't happen for a number of reasons. I promised two of the girls that I was going to accompany them on a three day trip to the mountains, work out, eat well and make up for not going on a one week fitness vacation trip. Bulgaria is famous for using national holidays to take days off work, so we left for Unification Day, which was the beginning of a long weekend. It was nice, given that September can be pretty cold. We had some awesome food, slept well, hiked, did bodyweight workouts, sprinted and talked a lot about dieting, working out, publishing, and men-related issues. At times I felt like they were filming The Biggest Loser behind my back and then at others I felt like a star in a new episode of Sex and the City. I came back happy and refreshed, although forgetting my foam roller at the hotel marred my mood for the afternoon.

I love picture stories, so here is one:

The shiniest cows I have ever seen, the type I hope milk comes from

The place where we stayed, after the rain

The cute baby doe that lives on site, only 1.5 months old

The whole deer family

Batak Lake as I saw it for the first time

Batak Lake, near the wall

The greatest thing about sharing activity, healthy food and relaxing time with long time clients is that I get to learn more about the complexity of characters that I work with every day. There is magic in the trainer-client relationship that goes beyond instruction, where appreciation and sharing positive results speak louder than results themselves.
It's only when we can detach ourselves from results for results' sake that we can truly achieve transformations, whether in body or soul.

The bodyweight a.m. workouts from the 3 day trip coming soon!

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Roland said...

Sounds like you had a great time.

I'd rather have more little trips than one long vacation. But, that's just me...