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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Chocolate flavored Sunday

One of my (ex)trainers and one of our clients/friends are looking at starting a super cool project. They want to make their own homemade chocolate and chocolate cakes. They want to only use natural ingredients, no sugar, artificial sweeteners or taste enhancers. The winner ingredients are nuts, butter, cream, honey and molasses and organic cocoa.
They asked a few of us to taste a batch of test products that we would taste and name and also brainstorm for a name for the website. It was a very filling and warm experience.
We tested some muffins, chocolate, a cake and a cream I can't really describe that looked like butter with chocolate mixed in.
It was tasty and energizing.

The great thing about their chocolate is:

1. You can't eat much, it's very chocolaty. The taste fills you quickly and overwhelms your receptors.

2. It doesn't have too many calories, I think a piece of cake comes up to 100.

3. You can have it more often than regular chocolate and it's not addictive like regular store-bought stuff.

4. You can be a good girl and a bad girl all in one, and that alone is worth it!

If you're living in Bulgaria, email them at and get your chocolates today :)

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