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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Dare to outperform

I was just listening to Dos Remedios on Maxout Radio make a great point: we underestimate how resilient the human body is. Just how much can you throw at yourself so you do better, look better, perform better, eat better, love better? I've had a long day and it hasn't even come close to ending yet. I have to prioritize, perform, enjoy and do it all over again tomorrow. I am tired, but you know what, my writing is getting better and my clients are getting stronger, my legs hurt from training and standing, but you know, they are also harder, and I like how my arms look and I totally dig carrying all my week's groceries 4 flights on my own.


Jaho said...

Well, you'll either adapt or perish. In fact this seems to be Ivan Abadjiev's training philosophy.

Galina Talkington said...

Ahhhh, not bad. I choose to adapt, no perishing, thank you very much.
Have you felt that you make more progress when you have pushed yourself out of acceptable limits?

Tele said...

Choosing to outperform, rather than just staying in comfort zone is what separates successful people from masses.

This is what it takes, every time just a little step forward, every time lift more weight, every time run faster, every time push your limits. Maybe I'm fitness addict, but that is how I like it to be.