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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Getting ready for Spider Games

Once a year we have a competition that is entered by some of our trainers, clients, friends and other people who train and want to participate. The main goal is to give trainees something to train for, rather than just going to work out. It also allows us to compare how people have developed through the year. I am doing it this year first because there are only a handful of women competing and also because I want to have fun lifting with and around other people.

I am given a few days break between cycles with Bill and I am working on some of the main lifts.

Here are my numbers so far, and I have three weeks till the competition, which is on Nov 18.

Pull up 1
- I have lost a lot of my pull up strength, first because I am carrying more bodyweight in my lower body and second because I haven't been doing them since we started realigning my back. I use my muscles in new patterns that I am not used to.

Conventional Deadlift
- 87.5kg 1RM - I can do more but I don't want to do maximum attempts right now

Lunge 60kg 1RM - knee should touch floor so I am not pushing for higher loads now

Push ups
15 - I know I can do better, maybe shoot for 25 for the competition

Airborne lunge 20 per leg - it's not hard to get them with the knee hitting the floor, but it's hard on my sensitive knee, so I train those rarely

L-sit on push up handles off the floor - 30 seconds

military press 32.5 kg 1RM

I am going to use this entry as a workout diary, so I can follow my progress till the competition! I have never competed in anything, so this is exciting!


Emo said...

Gonna be there in supporting group :)

Roland said...

I'll bet the pullups come back quickly. We just "forget" how to do them, but once you get on them, you'll remember again.

Galina Talkington said...

I believe so. The overhand up to the middle of neck stuff is hard on my triceps and wrist flexors. Chins I can crank a whole bunch of. I need to visualize more and train more and it will all come back.