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Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Training Conspiracy

as seen by Jonas Talkington

We just got done watching a movie called Zeitgeist. The plot in a nutshell: religion, education and the world order have only one goal: to make sure people believe myths so they get enslaved to produce money for the international bankers. Point taken.

I jokingly said to my husband: you know if there exists a training conspiracy, you must know about it, because you avoid working out like you would getting a chip inplanted by your government!

And here is what he said:

1. You are forced to spend money on fitness
2. It gets you used being under someone else's control
3. It releases angst, anxiety anger and aggression that can't be turned towards other things
4. It creates a heavy self-interest, so that social interaction is reduced
5. Creates a perpetual image of I-am-not-good-enough, I-should-be-better
6. It creates a subtle dependence on the medical industry (this was a long rant that went through insurance companies and entering the system as a geriatric patient)
7. It's a form of social control where people who do not possess the physical characteristics of good fitness cannot make it higher in the social hierarchy
8. It makes people believe (indirectly) that physical strength is more important than intelligence

Oh he could go on and on to play devil's's always a pleasure to have a good midnight discussion!


Emo said...

Interesting, very interesting. Jonas is right about consequences of training. BUT I do not think, there exist such conspiracies. The corporate world uses side effects of it, but it's too much stretch of imagination to think they invented it for the sake of slaving people wallets.

On the contrary:

1. Fitness can set You free. It frees your thinking. Switches from "That can't be done", and "That is hard to do" into "Everything is possible."

2. You're not obliged to spent money on fitness, you can simply run or try some sports for free. And even if that is true, I love spending money on something that makes me feel so good, cheaper and more save than boose and drugs or promiscuous sex.

3. What is wrong with getting off social steam. Good mooded people more easily accomplish what they want. I'm a selfish person, ME is in first place, is there something wrong with that?

4. Through fitness (and I mean both being aerobics instructor and training in SpiderSport) I got more meaningful relationships with bright and interesting people than from any other my activity ... that is the fact.

5. For me it creates image of "I can be better", "I can be whatever I like" and "I do not have to be something I do not like."

Sorry for the long comment, but Jonas is very bright man, and certainly has make a lot of true and interesting points. So Galya, you should break the fortress from inside and infect him with fitness virus, even if he has a good natural defence ;)

Galina Talkington said...

Oh, I share 99% of what you said, the above was a joking conspiracy converastion, I don't believe he subscribes to that! :)

Emo said...

Hahaha. Me neither. I do not think there is conspiracy in fitness as general. But I DO believe there is one in aerobics, and later today I intent on writing on this. I have a lot of subjects (myself included) addicted to it, and it is a one self promoting cycle.