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Friday, October 5, 2007

Sources of strength

When it comes to living, lifting, playing and following your dreams you can't succeed without the basic pillars of strength. Here, body and mind become one, so it's hard to say which fuels which:

*Food - eat well and you know your results will follow. You'll think better, perform better and look like you deserve for your hard work!
*Supplements - take your fish oil. Just do it!
*Water - a gallon a day keeps you well hydrated, alert and productive, do it!
*Caffeine - I don't consider a drink than makes me feel better, lift heavier and stay awake when I am spotting a client at 7 p.m. bad for me. On the contrary - I enjoy a few cups of coffee each day, just make sure it's mostly organic and I mix decaf and regular in a 1:1 ratio so I don't overdo it and become jittery!
*Sleep - we don't get enough - sleep as long as possible and as often as possible. Mini naps are a killer solution! I had one on our balcony this afternoon and it changed my whole day! Better hormonal regulation, faster recovery and easier fat loss are not to miss!
*Reading- anything from your internet t-nation articles to a good book of fiction will feed your soul the necessary nutrients to thrive, grow and learn. Learning something everyday is what makes you tick!
*Training- one of the core experiences, along with falling in love, finding a soul mate, having children and saving the planet from global warming! We had a discussion about the enjoyment from sex and workouts today. Training is a solo, well-planned battle you win each time! You can't beat it!
*Being responsible- recycle, reuse, support local farmers. Giving back to the planet is a blessing, and experiencing it is easy.
*Allowing to get inspired - let people push your good buttons, let them inspire you! Spend as much time as possible with people you like, admire and enjoy. Learn and grow, charge your batteries as often as possible!
*Spend time in nature - immerse yourself in nature at least every few days. You don't need to go hiking. Watching the bushes outside your window, and appreciating life and nature will do just fine!
*Family time - make sure you communicate with family members, take them out, send them packages, organize surprise parties for them, do anything to see them and appreciate them
*Respect your body- treat your body with love, and it will speak back to you. Never complain with how it looks, never speak bad to it. Your body will always reflect how you treat it and address it.
*Visualize - see everything you want to achieve before you set on the path to achieving it. Images are powerful means. Fill your thoughts with the things and emotions you want to attract and they will come to you!

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